Frequently Asked Questions

What wastes and junk do you collect?

  • Jim's Rubbish Removal collects all types of junk excluding medicines, foods, building materials and chemicals.

Are you officially allowed to collect junk?

  • Yes, our company is fully licensed and certified to remove all types of junk except for the wastes we mentioned above.

Is your service insured?

  • We provide only insured rubbish removal services. All of the technicians are also insured. In case of any omission, we cover the damages.

Where does the junk go?

  • In case you need to remove your junk on your own, you are supposed to make a research about your type of wastes and where the official place for such wastes is. However, when using our service, we make the research. We are fully aware about the closest and the right places for wastes.

Do I have to provide a car for the junk?

  • No, you don`t. We come with a van and we load the wastes inside it. Depending on the volume of the rubbish, we provide as big and as many vans it takes.

Do I have to pay for the boxes?

  • No, you don`t. The boxes are included in the price. We also help you with furniture and other big item dismantling to collect the wastes easily and fast and then, to load them optimally on the van.

How do you calculate the final price?

  • This is not an hourly bases service. The price is negotiated during the first meeting between the customer and the waste removal technicians. They need to see the volume of the junk and then, to evaluate how many boxes, respectively vans will be needed, as well as how much time it will take for the collecting and loading. In the end, we form a final price, with VAT and insurance included and give you a free quotation to discuss.

How soon after the call the technicians will come?

  • Our consultants will arrange the service for you as soon as possible. Please, know that we also accept same-day reservations and we can arrange and emergency service for you.

Is your service safe?

  • The junk removal service is fully risk-free and secured. Besides the insurance and our official license to operate on the market, we also guarantee with proper and well-trained technicians, who are vetted and insured, too. You are not even obliged to remain in the property during the procedure.

How can I pay?

  • We accept payments via credit or debit card and in cash. We do not extra charge for weekends or holidays and we have no hidden fees. Once the price is settled, you pay it after the service is performed. There is no booking fee or deposits in advance. You pay for the service you ordered only.

Further Questions

If you have any other misunderstandings or issues to discuss with us, as well as additional questions to ask, don`t be ashamed, but contact us at any convenient for you time. Give us a call on 020 3404 6006 for more detailed information!