Jim's Rubbish Removal In Brief

Jim's Rubbish Removal is has been established 7 years ago in Barnet, London. The company had recently changed its ownership and is now part of AVclean Ltd. Due to both companies combining resources, Jim's Rubbish Removal is now able to provide exquisite services whilst keeping the previous price levels. Worded in a different way - clients will now get more value for the same price!

We are now able to cover bigger parts of London and provide cost-effective rubbish removal to many London communities. We cover full array of waste disposal services excluding hazardous materials & chemicals. Our van fleet now exceeds 15 vehicles, fully equipped to take away even the bulkiest of your possessions. Our staff is skilled and discrete - noise is downed to a minimum and no garbage leftovers will remain once we are done. 

We are fully licenced by UK's environment agency as a professional rubbish carrier in London. We dump our garbage in several dump yards across London, some of which fully recycle organic and metal items. Our recycle rate is almost 80%!

Rubbish Removal Experts

Today, we are happy to tell you that no matter how much and what type your junk is, as well as where it`s located, we can remove it really fast and at fraction of the cost. We can offer you both: decent commercial and domestic junk removal services. Whether it is a house, flat, office space, a whole building, where your old business was placed or even IT disposal, we can arrange for you fast chaos elimination. Junk will be gone and you will not waste even a second of your precious time. And you shouldn`t. Better, spend it with your beloved close people or invest it in your business improvement!

Company Values

Jim's Rubbish Removal has few, but universal values that have been adopted in our policy. First of all, we have never stopped caring for the environment, which is why we are actually in this business. After all, junk is the first risk the nature suffers and gets damaged from. But we also apply only eco-friendly and safe materials and techniques to deal with chores like packing, collecting, dismantling, transporting, sorting wastes. Second of all, we believe in the food evaluation of our service by our customer. We know that there isn`t bigger or more important price than this and that`s why we approach a customer individually and with personal attitude. Last, but not least, we just work! We will never leave a place with unfinished job. So have us by your side and have that junk removed forever!


If you have any additional questions regarding our services, prices, schedule or legal matter, please write to us at info@jimsrubbishremoval.co.uk. Our customer relations manager will then get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for choosing Jim's Rubbish Removal!

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